Free Modular Hydronic E-Library 300

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                     Real World Project Automation

During our 18 years design and technical support, these ideas and diagrams have been hidden in our computers. The year 2017 and 2018, we built up our new website: for promoting most of by our clients well-known PAW and RESOL series products. Instead of presenting products one by one, we moved one more step and provided pre-engineer modular hydronic packages on this new website. "Why we still keep these diagrams in our computers" pushed us to put in order these 300 standard and custom layout diagrams based on 2-zone, 3-zone and 4-zone systems, more than 90% of them originated from real-world projects

Our initiative is these diagrams help you better understand how our "plug & play" modules are applied into multiple heat sources hydronic systems. The E-library encloses regular Modulation Condensing, standard Gas, oil, wood, and electrical boiler, or heat pump, and work with/without Domestic hot water, and Solar heat source.

Modular Hydronics are a series of "Plug&Play" stations and manifolds distributing heat from heat source(s) to each heating zone; they largely reduce your installation time in Mechanical Room and give you clear path of each pipe, where is from, where it goes. 

The document is good for installers/contractors, home owners, and hydronic fans.

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