Resol FlowSol B dual-Line pump station with an integrated RESOL BS PLUS controller is a pre-assemble and pre-wired unit installed in solar hot water system primary loop. The pre-wired Wilo Star S21 three speed pump is controlled by the RESOL BS PLUS controller based on solar collector(s) and solar tank temperature differential. 

Major features: 

  •  Safety assembly with connection for the diaphragm-type expansion vessel, safety valve and pressure gauge
  •  Fill and drain valves
  • Wall mounting bracket and mounting material
  • Design insulation
  • Standard pump
  • Ball valves in flow and return
  • Air separator
  • FlowSolB
  • PumpBreakDown

Technical Specification

Resol DeltaSol BS PLUS  110~220VAC, 4 sensor inputs, 2 semiconductor relays
Circulation Pump:  Wilo Start S21 U15
Safty Valve:  87 Psi/6 Bar
Pressure Gauge:  0~145 Psi/0~10 Bar
FlowMeter:  0.25~305 Gpm/1~13 L/min
Check Valve:  Opening pressure 0.3 Psi/20mbar
Expansion Tank Connection:  3/4" NPT Female
Outlet Safety Vavle:  3/4"  NPT Female
Connections to Solar Pipes:  3/4" NPT Female
Max Flow Temperature:  248⁰F/120⁰C
Max Return Temperature:  203⁰F/95⁰C
Maximum Pressure:  87 Psi/6 Bar
Medium:  Water with Max 50% Glycol
Dimensions:  18.94"X12.6"X7.48"/481mmX320X190mm
Materials:  Fittings: Brass; Sales:AFM34;Insulation: EPP Foam
  • WILO21curve
Free FlowSol B (3/4"-DN20)

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ICON of PDFFlowSol B Pump Station Installation

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