Free Grundfos Alpha2 15-55F/LC (99163906)

115V  60Hz

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Solarnetix Offer: 259.99 CAD/ea  ( Free Shipping to USA and CAN) 

                                 249.99 CAD/ea   ( Order Quantites =2 or more, Free Shipping to USA and CAN)


Grundfos ALPHA2 15-55F/LC pumps are ECM circulators, designed for circulating liquids in hydronic heating systems and for domestic hot-water recirculation. The pump features AUTOADAPT and Constant  ΔP  automatically adjusts the pump to heating demands for lowest energy consumption and hydronic balance.

**It is also the repacement pump for Solarnetix supplied Modular Hydronic Pump Stations at 1" and 1-1/4" size**

Technical Specifications: 

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