Free PH tester & Handheld Refractometer

Solarnetix Offer: 120.00 CAD


This PH tester and antifreezing refractomer combo is for measuring PH value and freezing point of Propylene Glycol during maintainance.

Specifications of PH tester:

Range:0-.0-14.0 PH value, Resolution:0.1 PH and Accuracy: + 0.2 PH

Ambient Temperature: 0~50 oC, and Relative Humidity:<95%.

Specification of refractometer:

  • Range: -60 to 32⁰F (-50 to 0⁰C) for Propylene glycol freeze point; 0 to 60% Propylene glycol concentration
  • Resolutions: 2.5⁰F (1⁰C) Propylene glycol freeze point  / 1% Propylene glycol concentratio
  • ** Anti-freezing Refractometer is a Solarneitx customized product**
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