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Resol DeltaSol MX controller Full Kit.

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Resol DeltaSol MX controller Full Kit.

Programming/Circuit customized Design for your system.

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Resol DeltaSol MX controller is a free-programmable controller with 15 inputs and 14 relay outputs; MX gives you flexibility to combine solar thermal and hydronic heating functions to control your solar and/or hydronic systems. For example, "Function Block" logic of the MX allows you to apply two temperature settings and 4 reference relay logics: OR, AND, NOR and NAND to control a relay output. A MX controller includes all possible logics for a solar thermal system and popular hydronic heating control logics, hydronic cooling is possible too, heating/cooling mode switch over automatically,  as well as energy saving logic when solar heating and hydronic heating work together. 

You can find more details at our website: Resol DeltaSol MX,  

As per the customized and complicated design task, we present to our client how the MX controller is applied to the hydronic diagram step by step, function by function, and finally our client will get a programming file in the SD card, programming map and control algorithm.

 Up to date firmware 2.0.5              Resol MX Installation Manual


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