ΔT=20⁰ F/11K, Max. Output/Range of Application is 39.95 KBTU/H

Used in closed loop design. Low Temperature Zone Module K34 replaces conventional injection mixing systems. In conjunction with an electronic reset control and a direct drive actuator, the K34 modulates a 3-way valve, diverts and mixes radiant return water with hot water from the boiler. The constnat speed system circulator delivers the required water temperature to the radiant loop manifolds. The adjustable bypass diverts up to 50% of additional return water to the system supply and lowers supply temperature to ensure a specific low supply water temperature is maintained and no thermal shock will occur in the radiant slab.

Sizing and piping: The K34 can handle radiant load demands of up to 39.95KBTU's when ∆T is 20⁰F/11K. Your current method of zoning the radiant loops(manifolds, zone valves, etc.)does not change with the installation of the K34. Multiple K34 modules can be used to separate the distinctive temperature requirements between manifolds. No special piping, just 2 connections and your installation is complete. 

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