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MX as Hydronic Controller 2

Resol DeltaSol MX controller is a Solar Thermal and Hydronic Heating, 2-in-1 HMI programmable controller; It is able to handle 2 Hydronic Heating  circuits.

Resol DeltaSol HCMAX controller is an advnaced Hydronic Heating, HMI programmable controller; it is able to handle up to 4 Hydronic heating circuits. 

Resol DeltaSol MX controller / Resol DeltaSol HCMAX controller has maximum 15 sensor inputs, 13 relay outputs and 1 dry contact relay. Each of them is optimal solution to control multi-zone hydronic systems.

All these typical functions are available:  

  1. The built in heating curve is necessary for hydronic system “adjusts” supply temperature with considering outdoor temperature ( outdoor temperature reset);
  2. Floating Point control logic for 3-way mixing valve combining with heating curve;
  3. Talking to regular dry-contact room thermostats, executing call for heat and activating zone valves/zone pumps; a MX controller talks to up to 10 regular dry-contact room thermostats simultaneously;
  4. Calling Boiler Demand based on Target temperature or configured supply temperature by heating curve;
  5. Domestic Hot Water ( DHW)  Priority Control and/or DHW calls boiler demand;
  6. Buffer Tank Back up Heating.

Hydronic cooling control has been built in the logic.  Auto/Manual switching between heating and cooling mode, cooling demand, switching to cooling source, low temperature water supply controlled by the same mixing valve, Dew Points dynamic Control by Digital/Analog Humidity sensors,  and so on.


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 ICON of PDF RESOL MX Controller Data Sheet         ICON of PDF RESOL HCMAX Controller Data Sheet

 ICON of PDF RESOL MX Controller User Manual       ICON of PDF RESOL HCMAX Controller User Manual

 ICON of PDF Introduction of Heating/Multi-Zone Control Application in RESOL MX / RESOL HCMAX 

 ICON of PDF Introduction of MX controller Cooling Control and Humidity sensors

 ICON of PDF 300 concept diagrams-Heating Pump stations and RESOL MX controller application

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