Our HRAI (the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada) certified staff-designer will work with you and provide adaptation of our Modular Zone Panels to your available system design.We also can provide design of Radiant Circuit (loop) Layout, Heat Loss calculations, and Mechanical Room Layout. There will be no difference from packages you are getting from other suppliers; these paid services are available as per below listed items.

  • 11 x 17 sheets showing plan view of tubing layout including locations of manifolds, heat source and components.
  • Complete system diagram utilizing Modular Hydronics Zone Panels including specifications on circulators, manifolds, expansion tank, heat sources and sizing of distribution piping.
  • Control wiring diagram providing control schematics.

Our designs conform to both ASHRAE and CSA residential heat loss calculation standards and HRAI guidelines for the design and installation of radiant heating systems.

Please supply architectural floor plans in (PDF, AutoCAD, JPG) format. A separate file must be provided for each floor of the building. Indicate proposed locations for manifolds, mechanical room and any known obstacles. Loop layout makes it easy to professionally install radiant tubing.

  • Customized Multi-Heat Source Hydronic System Design- includes an integration concept, basic load/capacity calculations and specifications for the secondary heat source like Solar Thermal, wood/pellet boiler and/or heat pumps into a conventional hydronic system only, example
  • Full Radiant Heat Design-Complete Heat Loss Analysis and Radiant Heating Design for your building. In addition you will receive detailed radiant heating calculations including water temperatures, flow rates, head pressures, and Supply/Return Distribution Piping. Example
  • Tubing Layout Drawing-it is a tube spacing, number of loops, pattern type only. Example
  • Multi-Heat Source Hydronic System & Full Radiant Heat Designfully complete heat loss calculation and tubing layout design, design mechanical piping concept diagram with device selection/sizing as well as control idea instruction, and installation follow up. Example

Please visit our for an estimate by yourselves or CONTACT our engineers to get a quote as per your projects

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