The DeltaSol® MX is the most versatile system controller for complex solar and heating systems in our product range. It is ideal to control a combination of solar and non-solar parts of the system. Easy combination and parameterisation of pre-programmed functions for several millions of hydraulic variants.

Technical Features:
1) 13 Semiconductor relay outputs, 1 dry contact relay and 12 inputs for Pt1000, Pt500 or KTY temperature sensors;
2) Up to 5 Extension Modules via RESOL VBus® (45 sensors and 39 relays in total);
3) Inputs for analogue and digital Grundfos Direct Sensors™ as well as for RESOL FRH and FRHd humidity sensors;
4) Integrated control of up to 4 PWM signal outputs, or 3 0-10VDC signal outputs for ECM pumps;
5) Data logging, storing, easy transfer of controller adjustments prepared and firmware updates via SD card;
6) Cooling & heating circuit with condensation control by Outdoor Temperature Reset and Pre-set Psychrometric Chart;
7) 0-10 V boiler control and DHW preheating;
8) 0Remote access and programming interface, PRT tool or VBus®Touch HC App;
9) Extended flexible functions, e.g. solid fuel boiler function with mixer and target temperature control;
10) Heat pump demand (optional);

Performance Highlights:
1. The built in heating curve is necessary for hydronic system “adjusts” supply temperature with considering outdoor temperature ( outdoor temperature reset);
2. The built in Dew Point/Condensation control algorithm for Hydronic Cooling, cooperating with RESOL FRH or FRHd temp & humidity sensor ;
3. Floating Point control logic for 3-way mixing valve combining with heating curve, cooling curve and dew point calculation;
4. Calling Boiler Demand based on Target temperature or configured supply temperature by heating curve;
5. Calling Heat Pump equipped with dry contact manual override switches: Heating/Cooling Mode Switch, and/or compressor enabling/disabling;
6. Heating and Cooling Mode automatic Switch over;
7. Domestic Hot Water ( DHW) Priority Control and/or DHW calls boiler demand;
8. Buffer Tank Back up Heating;

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