The DeltaTherm® HC MAX can control up to 4 weather-compensated heating circuits, the DHW loading and the backup heating demand for both. Additional DHW functions such as circulation or thermal disinfection, and the efficient implementation of further heat sources are possible. With extension modules, further heating circuits can be controlled. Due to the flexible application and extension possibilities, the heating controller is also ideal for larger objects such as apartment houses, residential homes and industrial buildings.

Technical Features:
1) 13 Semiconductor relay outputs, 1 dry contact relay and 12 inputs for Pt1000, Pt500 or KTY temperature sensors;
2) Up to 5 Extension Modules via RESOL VBus® (45 sensors and 39 relays in total);
3) Inputs for analogue and digital Grundfos Direct Sensors™ as well as for RESOL FRH and FRHd humidity sensors;
4) Integrated control of up to 4 PWM signal outputs, or 3 0-10VDC signal outputs for ECM pumps;
5) Data logging, storing, easy transfer of controller adjustments prepared and firmware updates via SD card;
6) Cooling & heating circuit with condensation control by Outdoor Temperature Reset and Pre-set Psychrometric Chart;
7) 0-10 V boiler control and DHW preheating;
8) 0Remote access and programming interface, PRT tool or VBus®Touch HC App;
9) Extended flexible functions, e.g. solid fuel boiler function with mixer and target temperature control;
10) Heat pump demand (optional);

Performance Highlights:
1. The built in heating curve is necessary for hydronic system “adjusts” supply temperature with considering outdoor temperature ( outdoor temperature reset);
2. The built in Dew Point/Condensation control algorithm for Hydronic Cooling, cooperating with RESOL FRH or FRHd temp & humidity sensor ;
3. Floating Point control logic for 3-way mixing valve combining with heating curve, cooling curve and dew point calculation;
4. Calling Boiler Demand based on Target temperature or configured supply temperature by heating curve;
5. Calling Heat Pump equipped with dry contact manual override switches: Heating/Cooling Mode Switch, and/or compressor enabling/disabling;
6. Heating and Cooling Mode automatic Switch over;
7. Domestic Hot Water ( DHW) Priority Control and/or DHW calls boiler demand;
8. Buffer Tank Back up Heating;