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Resol Datalogger DL3

RESOL Datalogger DL3 has 6 vbus connections, which allow a DL3 to log data from up to 6 different RESOL controllers simutaneously. Custom data views and six different schematic diagrams can be uploaded and presented online. Remote access and communication with BACNet system provide optimal solutions in monitoring system profermance and compability of existing BMS. All data can be transfered by a USB memory stick, a SD card or a LAN cable or downloaded online.  As long as you have Internet, system remote control is at your fingertips!

Currently, RESOL has introduced www.vbus.net  - a FREE service portal that offers the possibility to access solar thermal system data, without any configuration effort, from all over the world. VBus.net enables users to access their solar thermal system data from any computer connected to internet, just by using a regular Web browser.

No additional software or app is required, only a registered account for the VBus.net service, a Web browser and an Internet connection. Of course, many mobile devices are supported as well.

Please visit our VBus.net account.

Login  at www.vbus.net by user name: SOLARNETIX_DL3 and password: M1L4C3

Find Visualization Menu and click on “Live Schemes”. Choose one you like and click “Show”. The browser will open a new page with LIVE SCHEMATIC. Or just click on this link http://www.vbus.net/vbus/scheme/id/35 to see a view open to general public.

Find Visualization Menu and click on “Diagram”. Choose one Solar System you like and click “Show”. The browser will open a new page with DIAGRAM. Or just click on this link http://www.vbus.net/vbus/diagram/id/61 to see a view open to general public.

 icon  Data Logger 3-Installation & User Manual

Resol Datalogger DL2

Resol Datalogger 2 incl. RESOL ServiceCenter Software.
Ready to plug in, with power supply, VBus® and null modem line.

icon Datalogger DL2 - Technical Product Brief

icon Data Logger DL2 - Installation & User Manual

This additional module enables the acquisition and storage of large amounts of data (such as measuring and balance values of the solar system) over a long period of time.

The DL2 can be configured and read-out with a standard internet browser via its integrated web interface.

For transmission of the data stored in the internal memory of the DL2 to a PC, an SD card can be used. The DL2 is appropriate for all controllers with RESOL VBus®. The datalogger can be connected directly to a PC or router for remote enquiry and thus enables comfortable system monitoring for yield monitoring or for diagnostics of faults.

Resol ServiceCenter Software - Online Monitoring

ServiceCenter's modular design enables PC-recording of the data measured by the controller, editing of the data files for further processing by standard spreadsheet programs and visualization of individual systems with all measuring and balancing values.

icon RSC Software - User Manual

 RSC Program Download| RESOL Web Site

VBus®-record: All measuring and balance values received by VBus® are filed in a text file; this file can be processed by a standard spreadsheet program

Designer: Allows the positioning of the VBus®-values on a customized background graphic; in this way, system visualisations for any solar system can be presented in real-time

Datalogger: Manage any number of dataloggers; the ServiceCenter establishes connection at the push of a button, reads out the data, if necessary, deletes data from the logger and converts data into a text file.

Parametrisation: DeltaSol® BS/1-4, BS Plus, ES, E, M can be easily configurated on PC; the values are checked on domains and possible overlappings are transferred by VBus® to the controller.

Resol Dataloggers and WWW.VBUS.NET












Resol has two models of dataloggers: DL2 and DL3. WWW.VBUS.NET website is published with Resol DL3 coming. Resol server-based dataloggers and vbus.net are fulfilling the niche of monitoring, controlling, and troubleshooting system remotely without changing settings in your routers.

What are the major priorities of Resol dataloggers and vbus.net?

  • Easily wiring up, setting up and starting up: resol Vbus cable connection, signing up an account on Vbus.net with your datalogger’s unique code, and no additional knowledge needed.  
  • User friendly interfaces: Live data interface, Schematics interface, Graphs interface
  • Being optional to open data to the public.  Example: http://www.vbus.net/vbus/diagram/id/61  and http://www.vbus.net/vbus/scheme/id/162
  • Downloading data from the vbus.net web page or directly transferring data from dataloggers.
  • Picking up data from any time frames.
  • Tracking all sensors' values, relays activities and energy consumption more than one places and more than one controllers.
  • Tracked and recorded values provide first-hand evidence to future maintenance, trouble shooting and system analysis.
  • Vbus.net is accessible through any devices being able to aceess to the Internet such as PCs, iphones, Android phones and Blackberries (No additional application software needed)
  • All services at Vbus.net are Free of Charge; our technical support are Free of Charge.

We are glad to provide 30min free training to help you start with the “NEW TOY”

We welcome you to try our DL3 and Vbus.net before you decide to work with them. 

Please visit our VBus.net account.

Login  at www.vbus.net by user name: SOLARNETIX_DL3 and password: M1L4C3

icon VBUS.NET Flyer     icon VBUS.NET User Manual      icon Controller, Datalogger and VBUS.NET Connection 

**Solarnetix Inc provides extra assistant documents for helping customers set up dataloggers**

Resol RPT parameterisation tool

Remote parameterisation of RESOL controllers

pdfResol RPT user manual



RPT parameterisation tool
The RPT parameterisation tool is a software that enables the remote parameterisation of the following RESOL controllers:

DeltaSol® BS/2 V2     DeltaSol® BS/4 V2     DeltaSol® BS Plus V2     

DeltaSol® BX              DeltaSol® MX (1.09)

The computer in use must be connected to the controller via an interface adapter or datalogger in a common network.

Here is a free download : RPT Program Download| link from RESOL website

Grundfos Direct Sensors™

Grundfos VFS, RPS, VFD and RPD sensors are all two-in-one sensors. Grundfos VFS and VFD measure temperature and flow rate, and Grundfos RPS and RPD measure temperature and pressure. They can be used for measuring flow rate of different media such as glycol and water.VFS is analog vortex flow sensor and RPS is analog relative pressure sensor. VFD is digital vortex flow sensor and RPD is digitial relative pressure sensor.


Resol DeltaSol MX can directly work with Grundfos Sensor VFS, RPS, VFD, and RPD.

Resol DeltaSol BX PLUS can directly woth with Grundfos Sensor VFD and RPD

Resol DeltaSol BX can directly work with VFS and RPS with flow rate 1-12l/min, 2-40l/min and pressure 0-10 bar.

Besides, Resol has WMZ G1 energy meter which is designed to work with Grundfos sensor VFS and RPS. If you already have a Resol controller which cannot directly connect with Grundfos sensor, WMZ G1 is able to work with your current controller, provide energy calculation and communicate with Resol controllers and dataloggers by Resol Vbus Protocol.

Currently, we have following Grundfos Sensors In stock:

icon Resol Grundfos VFS 1-12l/min     icon Resol Grundfos VFS 2-40l/min    icon Resol Grundfos VFD 1-12l/min

icon Resol Grundfos VFD 2-40l/min     icon Resol Grundfos RPS and RPD 0-10 Bar    

icon Grundfos VFS 1-12 l/min              icon Grundfos VFS 2-40 l/min             icon Grundfos VFS 5-100 l/min

icon Grundfos VFS 10-200 l/min          icon Grundfos VFS 20-400 l/min         icon Grundfos RPS 0-10 bar

Resol VBus® Touch

VBus®Touch. It is a software especially designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

It displays both live data and a progression chart of the solar system at any place in the world, provided that the system is run by a RESOL controller equipped with a VBus® interface and a datalogger connected to the Internet via LAN.

icon VBus Touch - Technical Product Brief

Example Usage Video | Resol Web Site

Interface Adapter VBus®/USB

The new VBus®/USB interface adapter is the interface between the controller and a personal computer.

icon VBus to USB - Current Version - Technical Product Brief

icon VBus to USB - Pre-2009 Version - Technical Product Brief

icon VBus to USB - Installation & User Manual

A standard mini-USB port it enables fast transmission of system data for processing, visualizing and archiving as well as the parametrization of the controller via the VBus®.

A full version of the RESOL ServiceCenter Software is included.

Interface Adapter VBus®/PWM

The RESOL VBus®/ PWM interface adapter enables the speed control of two high-efficiency pumps even without an integrated PWM output on the system’s controller.

icon RESOL VBus - Technical Product Brief

The adapter is installed between the VBus® output of the controller and the PWM input of the high efficiency pump, where it transforms the VBus® data packets into a 0-10 Vor a PWM signal.

Large display GA3

The GA3 is a completely mounted Large-Display-Module for visualization of collector and tank temperatures as well as heat quantity of the solar system via one 6-digit and two 4-digit 7-segment-displays.

icon GA3 - Technical Product Brief

icon GA3 - Installation & User Manual

The universal RESOL VBus® allows the parallel connection of 8 large displays as well as additional VBus® modules. The bus line can be extended using a standard two-wire line.

*Special Order Only

Resol Smart Display SD3

Display module for the living area with (3) displays for collector and storage temperature as well as for heat quantity.

icon SD3 - Technical Product Brief

icon SD3 - Installation & User Manual

The Smart Display SD3 is designed for simple connection to RESOL controllers via the RESOL VBus® for visualisation of the data issued by the controller: collector and store temperatures as well as energy yield of the solar system.

The use of high-efficient LEDs and filter glass assures a high optical brilliance and good readability - even in poor visibility conditions and at a larger distance. An additional power supply is not required.

Calorimeter WMZ

Universal calorimeter module for solar and heating systems. Operation is directly carried out via the RESOL VBus®.

icon Calorimeter WMZ - Technical Product Brief

icon Calorimeter WMZ - Installation & User Manual

Includes a graphic display for indication of flow and return temperature, heat quantity, output, flow rate and sensor faults (balance values are also stored in the case of a power failure).

Suited for solar systems with propylene-glycol-mixtures of 0 ... 70 Vol %.

Temperature Sensors

For Installation into Immersion Sleeves.

icon RESOL Sensors - Technical Product Brief

Bolt-On Sensors

For Installation on Planar Surfaces | Version Pt1000

icon RESOL Sensors - Technical Product Brief

Cylindrical Clip-On Sensors

For Surface Mounting on Tubes, incl. Pipe-Clamp | Version Pt1000

icon RESOL Sensors - Technical Product Brief

Sensor Wells - NPT Thread

Brass, copper or stainless steel Sensor Wells.

Because of the short component length, it is recommended to use the sensor well TH30 with the temperature sensor FKP5,5 or FRP5,5.

In case of domestic water installations only use stainless steel immersion sleeves.

Sensor Wells Sizing & Technical Data
Alarm module AM1

The Alarm module AM1 is designed to signal system failures. It is to be connected to theVBus® of the controller and issues an optical signal via the red LED if a failure has occurred.

icon RESOL Alarm Module AM1 - Technical Product Brief

icon Alarm Module AM1 - Installation & User Manual

The AM1 also has a dry contact relay output,which can e. g. be connected to a building management system (BMS). Thus, a collective error message can be issued in the case of a system failure.

Depending on the controller and the sensors connected, different fault conditions can be signaled, e. g. sensor failures, excess or negative system pressure as well as errors in the flow rate, such as a dry run of the pump.

Indoor temperature sensor FRP11

The FRP11 is used for measuring the indoor temperature with a platinum measuring element.

icon FRP11 - Technical Product Brief

Outdoor Temperature Sensor FAP13

The FAP13 is used for measuring the outdoor temperature with a platinum measuring element. The FAP13 is placed in a weather resistant housing with outstanding design and is designed for mounting outdoors.

Cable glands for the sensor cables at the bottom of the housing allow easy installation.

icon FAP13 - Technical Product Brief

Overvoltage Protection SP10

Overvoltage protection device placed in housing with outstanding design, suitable for mounting outdoors.

icon SP10 - Technical Product Brief

We generally recommend installing the overvoltage protection in order to avoid overvoltage damage at collector sensors, e.g. caused by local lightning storms.