Modular Hydronics – Installers are “playing LEGO”

We often see nice boiler room pics in the trade magazines or in contractors’ social media posts. And guys are rightfully proud of their workmanship, telling us how many days was spent assembling a multi-zone distribution using compression fittings or other fancy piping techniques. And the peers respond like: "Amazing! Looks good! Fantastic! Awesome job, Pal!"
When I’m reading these comments, I really have a motion to ask them try PAW hydronic modules on their next job. I believe they would not only be proud of well-organized piping, but also be surprised how quick they got the job done and how much their client is astonished to see his boiler room tech.
Four-zone Modular System with Grundfos Magna1 ECM circulators (custom solution)

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Hydronic Zoning  does not have to be a puzzle! 

ModularHydronics.Shop makes every hydronic heating installation simple and easy, saves your time and money by doing it right first time. Each our Modular Hydronic Zone Panel is the nighttime cold medicine to every DIY installer or a Hydronic Heating Professional they are looking for. What makes our panels so easy to install?
The Modular System Design.

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