adv front pageResol server-based dataloggers and are fulfilling the niche of monitoring, controlling, and troubleshooting system remotely without changing settings in your routers.

What are the major priorities of Resol dataloggers and

  • Easily wiring up and setting up
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Being optional to open data to the public:
  • Downloading data from the web page or directly transferring data from dataloggers.
  • Picking up data from any time periods.
  • Tracking all sensors' values, relays activities and energy consumption more than one places and more than one controllers.
  • Tracked and recorded values provide first-hand evidence to future maintenance, trouble shooting and system analysis.
  • is accessible through any devices being able to aceess to the Internet such as PCs, iphones, Android phones and Blackberries (No additional application software needed)
  • All services at are Free of Charge; our technical support are Free of Charge.

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