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VBus®Touch. It is a software especially designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

It displays both live data and a progression chart of the solar system at any place in the world, provided that the system is run by a RESOL controller equipped with a VBus® interface and a datalogger connected to the Internet via LAN.

default RESOL VBus Touch - Technical Product Brief (499 KB)

Example Usage Video default | Resol Web Site (539 KB)

  • smartdisplay

The GA3 is a completely mounted Large-Display-Module for visualization of collector and tank temperatures as well as heat quantity of the solar system via one 6-digit and two 4-digit 7-segment-displays.

default GA3 - Technical Product Brief

default GA3 - Installation & User Manual

The universal RESOL VBus® allows the parallel connection of 8 large displays as well as additional VBus® modules. The bus line can be extended using a standard two-wire line.

*Special Order Only

Free Resol Smart Display SD3

Display module for the living area with (3) displays for collector and storage temperature as well as for heat quantity.

default RESOL Smart Display SD3 - Technical Product Brief (474 KB)

default RESOL Smart Display SD3 - Installation & User Manual (479 KB)

The Smart Display SD3 is designed for simple connection to RESOL controllers via the RESOL VBus® for visualisation of the data issued by the controller: collector and store temperatures as well as energy yield of the solar system.

The use of high-efficient LEDs and filter glass assures a high optical brilliance and good readability - even in poor visibility conditions and at a larger distance. An additional power supply is not required.

Free Temperature Sensor FKP 6
Free Temperature Sensor FRP 6

FRP and RKP 6



Free Bolt-on Temperature Sensors FKP 9
Free Bolt-on Temperature Sensors FRP 9

Bolt On FKP 9 and FRP 9

For Installation on Planar Surfaces | Version Pt1000


Free Clip-on Temperature Sensors FKP21

FKP 21 Spec

For Surface Mounting on Tubes, incl. Pipe-Clamp | Version Pt1000


  • sensor_wells

Brass, copper or stainless steel Sensor Wells.

Because of the short component length, it is recommended to use the sensor well TH30 with the temperature sensor FKP5,5 or FRP5,5.

In case of domestic water installations only use stainless steel immersion sleeves.

Read more: Sensor Wells - NPT Thread

Free Alarm module AM1

The Alarm module AM1 is designed to signal system failures. It is to be connected to theVBus® of the controller and issues an optical signal via the red LED if a failure has occurred.

default RESOL Alarm Module AM1 - Technical Product Brief (443 KB)

default RESOL Alarm Module AM1 - Installation & User Manual (323 KB)

The AM1 also has a dry contact relay output,which can e. g. be connected to a building management system (BMS). Thus, a collective error message can be issued in the case of a system failure.

Depending on the controller and the sensors connected, different fault conditions can be signaled, e. g. sensor failures, excess or negative system pressure as well as errors in the flow rate, such as a dry run of the pump.

Free Indoor temperature sensor FRP12

The FRP12 is used for measuring the indoor temperature with a platinum measuring element.

Housing:Material ASA
Installation:For in-wall mounting
:84,5 x 84,5 x 25 mm
Protection type:IP 10 according to EN 60529
Ambient temperature:-35 … +70 °C
Colour:pure white, similar to RAL 9010


Free Outdoor Temperature Sensor FAP13

The FAP13 is used for measuring the outdoor temperature with a platinum measuring element. The FAP13 is placed in a weather resistant housing with outstanding design and is designed for mounting outdoors.

Cable glands for the sensor cables at the bottom of the housing allow easy installation.

Free Overvoltage Protection SP10

Overvoltage protection device placed in housing with outstanding design, suitable for mounting outdoors.

We generally recommend installing the overvoltage protection in order to avoid overvoltage damage at collector sensors, e.g. caused by local lightning storms.

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