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Solar Station with Flowmeter and Air Scoop.

Connections DN20 (3/4") female, 1 - 13 L/min (0.3 - 3.5 US gal/min)

default FlowCon FA Technical Data (1.30 MB)

default FlowCon FA - Installation & User Manual (1.08 MB)

Expansion Tank connection kit

Expansion Tank Kit: 3/4" connection: Staianless steel 3/4" corrugated hose female-female X19.7"/500mm, wall bracket with mounting material. The maximium diameter of tank=17.32"/400mm.

*Not all Models / Sizes of the FlowCon FA may be available.
Please check stock with Solarnetix.

Free FlowCon FA EVO II
Free Expansion Tank Connection Kit

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