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MX as Hydronic Controller 2

Resol DeltaSol MX controller has maximum 15 sensor inputs, 13 relay outputs and 1 dry contact relay. Beside its brilliant capability of controlling complex solar thermal systems, it is also an optimal solution to control multi-zone hydronic systems.

All these typical functions are available:  

  1. The built in heating curve is necessary for hydronic system “adjusts” supply temperature with considering outdoor temperature ( outdoor temperature reset);
  2. Floating Point control logic for 3-way mixing valve combining with heating curve;
  3. Talking to regular dry-contact room thermostats, executing call for heat and activating zone valves/zone pumps; a MX controller talks to up to 10 regular dry-contact room thermostats simultaneously;
  4. Calling Boiler Demand based on Target temperature or configured supply temperature by heating curve;
  5. Domestic Hot Water ( DHW)  Priority Control and/or DHW calls boiler demand;
  6. Buffer Tank Back up Heating.

New Function: Hydronic cooling control has been built in the logic.  Auto/Manual switching between heating and cooling mode, cooling demand, switching to cooling source, low temperature water supply controlled by the same mixing valve, and so on.

**Note: if the system has only hydronic loops, solar function can be deactivated; if the system has combined solar thermal and hydronic heating, you are utilizing MX controller at the greatest extent**

Features and Technical Data


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  • MX-switch-over_Heating-Cooling-modes

 ICON of PDF RESOL MX Controller User Manual

 ICON of PDF Introduction of Heating/Multi-Zone Control Application in MX

Up to date Firmware 2.0.5 

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