Free Resol DeltaSol MX
MX as Hydronic Controller 2


Resol DeltaSol MX controller has maximum 15 sensor inputs, 13 relay outputs and 1 dry contact relay. Beside its brilliant capability of controlling complex solar thermal systems, it is also an optimal solution to control multi-zone hydronic systems.

All these typical functions are available:  

  1. The built in heating curve is necessary for hydronic system “adjusts” supply temperature with considering outdoor temperature ( outdoor temperature reset);
  2. Floating Point control logic for 3-way mixing valve combining with heating curve;
  3. Talking to regular dry-contact room thermostats, executing call for heat and activating zone valves/zone pumps; a MX controller talks to up to 10 regular dry-contact room thermostats simultaneously;
  4. Calling Boiler Demand based on Target temperature or configured supply temperature by heating curve;
  5. Domestic Hot Water ( DHW)  Priority Control and/or DHW calls boiler demand;
  6. Buffer Tank Back up Heating.

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Free Solarnetix Automix 10 Controller

The Solarnetix Automix 10 is an advanced, compact outdoor reset control for hydronic radiator and radiant floor heating applications.

The Automix 10 works continuously and proportionally. Through impulses from the sensors the control resets the supply water temperature as the outdoor temperature changes.

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Free RESOL Heating Controller HC

Comfort is under Control!

The Heating controller HC has 9 pre-programmed control circuits providing flexible options of house heating system control. The controller packages single/multiple-zone space heating, DHW heating, boiler protection, heating priority, temperature mixing and weather-compensated room temperature control logics. Besides, it is compatible with Resol solar cell Cs10, Resol V40 flowmeter, modulating pumps/valves with 0-10VDC, Resol digital flow and pressure sensors and 5 Resol Extension Modules; these associated devices assist users to execute energy metering, creating interlock logics by function blocks, and monitoring solar irridiation in solar-based systems. The heating controller is able to work with any of Vbus devices issued by RESOL.

default HC - Technical Data Brief (897 KB)

default HC - Installation & User Manual (4.81 MB)

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